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Mr Fix It Plumbing - Water Heater DangersPlumbing done wrong can be deadly. As an experienced plumber in Long Beach I feel obligated to warn you of some of the dangers of trying to fix your own plumbing. Now don’t get me wrong, I want to help you solve some of your own plumbing problems by giving you the right advice, but there are situations where you need to hire a professional. There are some very dangerous things that can happen if you do things wrong.

One of the big problems falls under the general category of “Cross Connections”.  In general, this means where the clean water coming into your home has been contaminated by the waste water going out of the structure.  In other words, when you put your glass under the kitchen sink for a drink of water, you may be drinking toilet water.  Other possibilities are chemicals from a local factory, someone else’s toilet, farm chemicals, etc.  The list is a long one.  There are a variety of ways for a cross connection to occur.

Another plumbing project gone wrong problem is with hot water heaters. Mr Fix It Plumbing - Hot Water Heater Explosion A cubic foot of water, heated until it becomes steam, becomes 1,600 cubic feet of steam.  Therein lies the problem when hot water heaters are not properly installed.  They explode because of all that steam pressure. You might remember that trains used to run on steam engines.  Steam had the power to move thousand of tons of train cars.  Steam is extremely powerful. Just take a look at some of the videos on this page and don’t let these things happen to you.

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