So You Want to Get Rich Investing in Real Estate

After I graduated from the University of Southern California, I started buying investment real estate.  That was fun and profitable.  However, I quickly discovered that my most repetitive maintenance issues concerned plumbing.  Okay, no problem.  I set up accounts with various plumbing companies from the one man band to the largest plumbing company in the […]

Quick Fixes for Plumbing Emergencies this Winter

Here are a few suggestions from Mr Fix It Plumbing how to handle plumbing emergencies winter. A Pipe Burst Shut off the main water, reduce pipe pressure by opening the faucets at the lowest level of the home, usually the basement. Then identify the exact location of the problem. If it’s the hot water line, turn […]

Stuck On You

Like the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Recently, Mr Fix It Plumbing’s estimate to repair a shower valve and patch the ceramic tile wall was cast aside by a landlord anxious to save money.   The low bidder got the job.  After he opened up the tile shower wall and repaired […]

Hypnotic Eyes

I had just walked over to ask the hotel clerk a simple question, but as I looked at her, I was becoming disorientated and having a hard time remembering what I was standing there for. I was trying not to stare, not to be rude. But I just couldn’t help myself. I was staring into […]

Baby Pictures

Pictures of babies and dogs are supposedly good for marketing.  Okay then, here are Mr Fix It’s entries into the baby and dog marketing contest.     The baby in the picture is clearly comfortable bragging about his mom.  He looks pretty cocky about the whole thing.  His expression radiates that look of certainty.  I […]

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