So You Want to Get Rich Investing in Real Estate

Long Beach CaliforniaAfter I graduated from the University of Southern California, I started buying investment real estate.  That was fun and profitable.  However, I quickly discovered that my most repetitive maintenance issues concerned plumbing.  Okay, no problem.  I set up accounts with various plumbing companies from the one man band to the largest plumbing company in the nation.  I thought they would clean up any plumbing messes on my buildings, while I just kept buying more.

Eventually, I was overrun with maintenance issues to such an extent that I had to stop buying and trading real estate and focus on what was causing me so many headaches with building maintenance.  What was the problem?

It turned out that what I thought was being reasonable handled was only being partially handled.  For some reason, it was impossible to get, what I considered to be, a 100% job.  Plumbing problems were only partially repaired.  Having a drip a minute from a section of pipe that was previously flowing like a garden hose is good but not good enough for me.

As my frustration grew, I realized I had few options left and needed to follow the old saw, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.  So, some years after graduating from USC, I enrolled at Los Angeles Trade Technical College to earn an associate of science degree in plumbing technology.  At LATTC, I studied the science, engineering and law of plumbing.

Believe it or not, there are PhD’s in lab coats experimenting with toilet design.  Among other things, they are trying to flush the maximum number of ping pong balls with the least amount of water.  Thanks to these “men in the white coats”, toilets have gone from 3.4 GPF (Gallons per Flush) to 1.2 GPF.  That saves us a lot of water.  Thanks guys.

They are also working on methods for recycling toilet water into drinking water, so called “toilet to tap”.  I’m not so sure I can get behind (no pun intended) that one.  I don’t care how white their coats are, that just sounds disgusting.  No thanks guys.

After graduating at the top of my class (a little bragging is forgivable, yes?), I started Mr Fix It Plumbing, thinking that while that business was slowly growing, I could finish the work on my own buildings.  Turned out I wasn’t the only one looking for a good plumber.  Mr Fix It Plumbing grew so fast, I haven’t yet finished my own buildings.

Now, if you’re like I used to be, you don’t think about your plumbing systems until water from the second floor bathroom is running out of the dining room light fixtures and black mold is growing on the walls and ceilings.  Or you are in your doctor’s office on the third floor of a large medical building and find out they had a water leak that started during the night and flooded all night long, ruining lots of expensive medical equipment and computers, not to mention the building itself!

Then you talk to your friendly Mr Fix It Plumber and find out all of that could have been avoided by a free inspection and a $200 repair.  If you have an immediate need, for Pete’s sake, call us immediately!  Our plumbers are friendly, clean, honest and knowledgeable.  Most are also graduates of the LATTC plumbing program.  And yes, our prices are fair.

If you want to get ahead of the plumbing disaster curve, call us right now to get on our schedule for a free, visual plumbing system inspection.  We’ll inspect your natural gas, water and sewer systems.  We have gas sniffing equipment that can detect the most minute parts per million of natural gas.  If you have a natural gas leak, please, let’s find it BEFORE the explosion.  We have water leak detection equipment and sewer cameras from 9’ to forever feet.  We will identify the most likely trouble spots in your home or other structure.

With nothing to lose and plenty to gain, you should be frantically grabbing for your smart phone to call us at 562-988-2454 or heading to  Take a look at our web site and you can call us right from there on your smart phone.

Call us right now.  It’s the right decision.  Let us help you make your life a little easier and safer.

Mr Fix It

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