Baby Pictures

Pictures of babies and dogs are supposedly good for marketing.  Okay then, here are Mr Fix It’s entries into the baby and dog marketing contest.


Mr Fix It Baby Photo


The baby in the picture is clearly comfortable bragging about his mom.  He looks pretty cocky about the whole thing.  His expression radiates that look of certainty.  I guess some people are born knowing they are right.


Our dog entry is a video showing an adventurous puppy with his mother.  Watch carefully and you’ll see the puppy disappear into one end of a culvert.  He is making a repair in there.  He is part of the Mr Fix It Plumbing small pipe and tight spaces repair team.


Our more astute readers may think what they see is not a dog.  Hold on!  I see four legs, fur, a tail, paws, two forward looking eyes; all characteristics of dogs.  Therefore, it’s a dog.


Okay, so now you’re going to get fancy with me and tell me it’s a fox?  Yeah, but what about all those characteristics I mentioned above?  Oh, so you are telling me even though that animal has some of the characteristics of a dog, that doesn’t make it a dog.


Well, okay, I guess I have to agree with you on that.  So, does the same principle apply to plumbers?  There are a lot of guys who say they are a plumber, they are holding a pipe wrench, they drive a van with pipe in a rack on top, and they are dirty.  Do those things make them a plumber?


Let’s try an experiment.  The next time someone tells you he are a plumber, ask him to show you, on paper, the required steps to properly size gas pipe.  Then we’ll find out if he is a plumber or just a guy trying to outfox you.  In which case, he is probably a dog.


If you want the real thing, an honest to goodness, trained, experienced, knowledgeable Long Beach plumber instead of a man with some of the characteristics of a plumber, call Mr Fix It Plumbing.

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